Advanced Legal Update 

April 24, 2018

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Please join us for lunch as our Community Association team of attorneys share important details on topics trending in the Community Association industry.


Probate 101 and How it Can Affect the Ability to Collect/Enforce
Aaron Dobbs

  • An owner dies and owes assessments, now what?
  • No probate has been opened and the association wants to get paid
  • Navigating the probate court cost and time frames

Cheers! Alcohol on Association Property
Sipra Boyd

  • Steps the association should take
  • Insurance that the association should have
  • Who is serving, who is paying, who is bringing the booze?

Neighborhood Watch Groups: Deterrence vs. Security
Marc Markel

  • Should there be a committee of the association?
  • Training
  • Communications to the neighborhood

Bonus Topic
Marc Markel

Eric Tonsul

  • Recreational/Hobby Use
  • Applicable Law (Federal & State)
  • Use of Drones by Associations

How to Have a Successful Meeting (Not a Contentious Meeting)
Cliff Davis

  • Who should chair the meeting?
  • Orderly member input
  • Do we need the police?

Annexation Glitches and Correction Strategies
Rick Butler

  •  Someone left out some important wording
  •  The annexation agreement was filed after lots were sold
  •  The annexation agreement was filed in the wrong county